Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pain in Texas

Advice to Bush from Keith Olbermann…”shut the HELL up!”:

The commentary is already on YouTube.

Thank you, Keith.

The Bush wedding in Crawford was probably a joyful occasion. I’m happy for ya, GW. Here, in San Antonio, my only child is being sent to Iraq.

I’m real sorry you had to give up your golf game for the grieving families. Me, I’m close to giving up my sanity at the thought that my son, who has already done two tours in the Middle East, will now do a tour in Baghdad. He won’t be playing golf, either.

I have typed and retyped this post many times because my anger takes charge of the composition. Tears of frustration and pain cloud my vision on all levels.

4000 Americans dead and you want my son, too. Thousands of grieving mothers rage at your lies and heartless corruption and you want my voice, too.

Well, sir…you have my voice and my pain and my anger.

You GAVE UP GOLF??!? Are you totally INSANELY UNABLE to recognize what you have wrought in our democracy, in our country, in our world, in our hearts??!?


Menopausal Mick

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